Human + Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions for modern challenges

BeawAI offers cutting-edge AI solutions to transform complex challenges into growth opportunities across various industries.

BeawAI Solutions
BeawAI Solutions

Empowering Industries with AI

Explore AI's transformative power in forecasting, classification, and more. Ideal for sectors like retail, finance, energy, and consumer media.

Be more effective and efficent

Enhance Revenue and Reduce Costs: From ecommerce optimization to fraud detection, our AI solutions drive efficiency and innovation by optimizing existing activities and finding new business opportunities.

BeawAI Solutions
BeawAI Solutions

Tailored AI Integration for Your Business Needs

Blending Technology with Business Strategy: Our unique approach encompasses project scoping, opportunity identification, seamless AI integration, and staff training, ensuring that technology serves your business objectives.

BeawAI Solutions

Agile development

- Working iteratively to quickly develop a prototype
- Delivering lightweight solutions thanks to agile management
- Involving the customer in the process
4-8 weeks for 1st working prototype

BeawAI Solutions

Transformational projects

- Focusing on transformational, one-of-a-kind projects
- Tailoring end-to-end solutions to customer unique needs
- Taking on complex issues that are not cut for off-the-shelf-solutions
Ad-hoc solutions, not off-the-shelf

BeawAI Solutions

Skin in the Game

- Not selling man hours or license fees
- Basing compensation on success or per use
- Betting on customer success and sharing the same uncertainties and risks
Per use / per profit compensation, no project-risk

CASE STUDY: Sales forecasting and credit risk prediction

We helped a Consumer Company to predict sales and credit risk of their 1M+ retailer clients

  • Consumer Goods manufacturer with over 1M retailers which buy on credit terms

  • High credit limits increase sales but also default risk

  • Developed a neural network that predicts sales and default risk (1st prototype in 4 weeks)

  • Sales forecast error improved to 25% and default risk accuracy to 95+%

CASE STUDY: Computer vision for preventive maintenance

We developed a vision model to predict electrical failures from thermal images

  • Public Technology company with multiple Data Centers

  • The company need to increase the frequency and quality of electrical components inspections

  • Developed a neural network that predicts risk of failure based on thermal images (1st prototype in 6 weeks)

  • Inspection frequency went from 1/year to 2/month (limited only by the ability to take new thermal pictures)

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